Piette Great Grandparents
Their Diamond Wedding
Piette Grandparents
TanteYette et Pascale
Their Platinum Wedding
100th Birthday
Janine Piette Confirmation
Bert & Janine Wedding
Cullen Grandparents
Matilda Robinson's Grave
Baby Bert
Cullen Children
Dad's sisters Thelma and Winnie
Uncle Bill & Betty's wedding day
Aunty Thelma's Wedding
Bill and Betty's children
My Christening
Me and Brother Bill
Our Wedding Day
Janine and Dean Oliver
Brother Bill and Kath's Wedding
Carolyn and Laura Cullen
Brother Danny and Sandy's Wedding
Jan Oliver & Ian Prince
Dean Oliver & Catherine Howard


Robert Reschid Stanley
Franklyn Farebrother Newton and Martha Cartwright
Six of Robert Reschid's offspring
Martha Cartwright and Selina Newton
'Unlucky Bob' Stanley
Baby Dean Stanley
Unlucky Bob and Children
Dean Stanley as Mayor
Dean & Bertha Stanley
Bertha Horsfall
Bertha Stanley Lady Mayoress
Elizabeth Hancock, Oliver Grandmother
Charles Daniel Oliver
Joan Stanley
Brother Terry Oliver
Cousin Jacqueline Oliver
Mike with Mum & Dad
Michael Oliver
Our Wedding Day
Jan Oliver & Ian Prince
Dean Oliver & Catherine Howard


Dukinfield Hall where Robert Stanley 1721-1798 lived
John Stanley's Tomb
John Strongi'th'arm Stanley's Tomb
Robert Deane Stanley Klaus



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